Contents no. 1/12/2018
1. Costel Istrate
Financial auditing and financial reporting for Romanian state-owned companies – modified opinions and observations Download p513..531
2. Chirata Caraiani
Camelia I. Lungu
Alina Bratu
Cornelia Dascălu
Exploring the perspectives of integrated reporting for future research opportunities Download p532..565
3. Halina Waniak-Michalak
Jan Michalak
Edyta Gheribi
Financial performance of loan and guarantee funds in Poland. How business model elements influence it? Download p566..590
4. Maqsood Iqbal Qureshi
Relationship between advertising expenditures and earnings of the UK firms Download p591..604
5. Ini Etete Udofia
IFRS adoption and cross border investment in Nigeria Download p605..625
6. Aurelia Stefanescu
Ileana Cosmina Pitulice
Viorica Georgiana Minzu
The impact of income tax over financial performance of companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange Download p626..640
7. George Marian Aevoae
Roxana Dicu
Daniela Mardiros
How do the foreign direct investments flow? The case of the cross-border M&As in the European Union Download p641..662
8. Raluca Dimitriu
Choosing between civil contract and employment contract Download p663..676
9. Ondrej Machek
Determinants of becoming a zombie firm: A Pitch Download p677..684
10. Milind Tiwari
Shell companies – Identification of an instrument used for illicit purposes: A Pitch Download p685..692
11. Ritu Mohan
‘A Journey from the Vague to the Precise’: using Faff’s (2015) Pitching Research Framework for conveying our research ideas with a professional flair Download p693..703